A Brief Introduction

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This is for Capacitor 4+

What is NativeScript?

NativeScript enables direct native platform API usage from JavaScript.

It achieves this through the provided iOS and Android runtimes which create a map of each platform API to your TypeScript codebase. With the NativeScript bundle located in src/nativescript within your project, you allow rich platform API development to flourish right from your Ionic web codebase.

The result is a liberating development experience.

It is uniquely delightful

NativeScript is a celebration 🎉 of the platform. In other words:

  • what the platform provides, NativeScript provides.

  • what the platform does well, NativeScript does well.

  • what the platform says is an error, NativeScript says is an error.

  • what the platform wants you to do, NativeScript wants you to do.

The API's you interact with via NativeScript are the native platform api's. It's not "layers of abstraction" as often talked about amongst "cross platform frameworks".

NativeScript simply provides a map of your platform to your TypeScript codebase and you just use everything that's made available.

This means you can refer to "source" documentation like Apple Developer Docs and Android Developer Docs

This is unique and one of a kind.

Performance and Stability

Performance is lightning ⚡ fast due to the "real time marshalling" of platform API calls directly from JavaScript.

NativeScript is extremely stable and has been developed and deployed to enterprise production critical applications for well over 6+ years now.